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This Will Be Quick... It's In My Sight...

Seriously, I am the worst person at sticking to things. I remember when I first came to ElJay. It was so I could read the locked post of a fanfiction that was never finished. I used to love it here, with the communities and the icon posts and the whatnot. ElJay is now lucky to hear from me once a year - what happened?
And it's not just this site. I've just come into the knowledge that I was further than a month behind on Ctrl+Alt+Del, 3 eps behind on RVB and 2 behind on Zero Punctuation.
The Predephiles network is practically dead to me, AVP Galaxy is dying, and I really wonder why the Hell I ever got a Story Write account in the first place, let alone a Blog Spot (Wordpress).
Once upon a time, I was constantly playing in the Gorillaz Room. Then on the Plastic Beach. Hellfucks, I don't even play Diablo anymore. I am the worst person at sticking to anything.
Rereading some of my old posts, I was so anti-Twitter and Facebook, and so pro-MySpace. Now I use the thing to communicate with one friend: I stalk like a motherbitch on Twitter and Facebooks' mah fuckin' best mate. I've moved on from here to tumblr, from CAD to Homestuck (which I fucking love, BTW) - the only thing I've stuck it out with is my precious, precious DeviantArt - AND I've got a new account on that, anyway.
I don't stay with anything. I can't. It's not mentally possible; my attention span doesn't reach that far. The next shiney thing comes along and off I go.

But, I digress. I haven't got all the time in the world anymore. Hello, wonderful new job at PM that I haven't started yet but will soon. Goodbye ERM, it was fun and I thank you.

While I'm here, I'd also like to say Jhonen Vasquez is a God and I will never get over him. Now... Why did I buy this fucking massive Daria boxset, again?


[He'll do your ass like dishes - AMPUTATION!]


Campaign to be AWESOME!!

This is a quest I've created completely of my own volition; it is to rally against self hate and the negetive opinions of others, and all I ask is that you realise that you are AWESOME.

I've been reading of late, and I've been inspired. I'm sick and tired of looking in the mirror and hating what I see; it's not fair to me, nor to anyone else. So I've decided to force myself to dress up, man up and BE AWESOME.

Drown out negative thoughts by telling yourself they have no place in your life! I'm not saying they will go away, all I'm saying is that the only person who can change their outlook on you is YOU!

So join me. You won't change overnight. In fact, you might never love youself. But that's OK. Because YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!



PS - Tell your mates. Spread the word. Everyone must know of their awesome. I wanna see emo's smiling like fucking double rainbows are shooting out their mouths.


This place still exists? Fuck me.

Merry Christmas, I suppose XD


An Update... Really?

What do I look forward to every Thursday? Mystic's LOST icons and Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation game reviews and WTF has happened to LiveJournal, why are there leaves on it?
Who decided to change the search engine, this new one is shit. I can't find diddly squat, not even a map would help me. Are there no longer any communities on this stupid thing or is LJ suddenly only for nerds and farmers willings to swim through the hay for hours just to reach the needle?
No, LiveJournal, No.

Bring back the old search engine please, we're not rocket scientists - what was wrong with it? It didn't look modern enough? No one gives a shit, we're all on LJ because Twitter is a soul sucking mastermind and Facebook doesn't faciliate... oh no wait, yes it does.

Fuck you, LiveJournal, I'm going to go join some groups. Maybe I'll have more fucking luck finding what I want. After I go icon hunting, that is.





Secondly; it was my birthday yesterday (aren't I lucky?) so me, Wombie, Jesse, Razza, Ellen, Alex, Ash, Ash's bitch and other Alex went for trips to the PANCAKE PARLOR which was awsome win. I had pancakes with hot chocolate fudge and Wombie consumed half the damn maple syrup jug. Some of it ended up in my cup though, but that was just Jesse and Wombie making a mess (and then Jesse a-salted me).
After pancakes we went and hung out in Borders for a while and Wombie read sex books to everyone, then left. I was so happy she came though cuz I rarely ever see her <3 And then there was more random book reading; star signs and the suchlike, and then we commendeered some chairs and floor in the anime section and took spazzo photo's which I will put on MySpace when I can be bothered.
After Alex, Alex, Ash and Pants left for two seperate reasons, Ellen, Razza Jesse and I went and saw The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which was awsome, and also quite trippy.

All in all, a REALLY awsome night. Tom, Lazza, Sophie and Jess (and Emma!): wish you were there! I got some awsome prezzies yesterday too! Thank you soooooo much guys!
It was awsomesauce... or should I say AWSOMEFUDGE!?!!?!

I love you guys!!!


I'm glad that I finally got Word back on my computer and my security setting in order (the yellow-cable internet I'm learning to live with) but I hate that the scroll bar on the mouse pad keeps turning itself off. Pissy.

Anyway, today I had a nerd-revelation. Dad was talking about hunters and farmers (like, in humanity) and my imediate response was "what, like in Empire Earth?" Which, for those of you who don't know, is a game. Hur.
I am a nerd. Yes? XD

Also, I changed a light bulb today. Go me!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and reinstall my scroll bar.



Teh Backs

That's right. I'm back. But I already did a huge journel over at DA, so if you wanna read it, head there.

Here I'll just say I had an awsome time, but really Scotland is better then Engerland. Dumfries is better then London and cows can fly.

And also Rob is awsome.


PS. Laz, I  did your question thing, and then the page reset on me. I CBF'd doing it again :P
And also, think about it. End of Supernatural, when Dean and Sam get over their emofits - what are they going to do? Stand their like lemmings? No, they are going to cry, and hug, and cry some more and talk goop rubbish about apologies and how much they love eachother and it will be DISGUSTING. But Wincest fans such as yourself will love it. Seriouly. Think about it.


And Early Toodle-oo

Mmkay, for those who don't already know... meaning none of you. Lol.

I will be in the UK between the 11th and the 25th of July. Please refrain from contacting me as you will probably get nothing back, but I will try to go on the net at least once.

See you when I get back!
Much love!


Dammit, Laz. I'm so about to join TWITTER and its all your fucking fault for mentioning the damned thing.

Hang on, I'll join and then tell you my name-y thing and you can add me AND IT WILL BE AWSOME. Or do whatever you do to watch people who waste their lives telling you pointless things.

Although, I know if you Google "Twitter" and "Steve Coogan" at the same time, his page says lots of horrible things which may or may not have tipped the scales in favor of me actually signing up to this shit. And I don't even know if its actually him - which is the problem with the internet, no?

This is gunna be like another Facebook thing were it starts out like a joke and gets slightly, but not like MySpace, serious. Damn it.

Yes, I'm stalling. OK, I'm going to do it now. Now. NOW.


I are AdmiralKranky, but it looks like its doing some sort of search for me... It found no one. LOLOLOLOL, this is the stupidest, most conformist thing I've ever done, short of the Ugg Boots I am wearing.

NOW, minions, come and find me and make me feel... less like a twatwaffle in a sea of fools.



Well, Poo-Sticks...

LOST is over. And I really mean it when I say it went out with a BANG. Unfortunatly it didn't go out with an "this is the last episode of season 5" message and so, not believing when Emma told me I had to go to Yahoo7 to make sure. She was right. Sorry, love.

But *sigh*. I am so confused and rightly so. Is everyone dead, in the past, in the future, on the island, in LAX, in the air - WHAT? My OTP has become Sawyer/Juliette because JATE got the mega-twitch and went to Emo Town, and then Juliette fell down a well and Sawyer was crying but she was alive and then she detonated the H-Bomb - SO NOW WHAT!?

She wants everything to go back in time (or is that "forward in time"?) so that she never meets Sawyer so that she can never lose him because he looked at Kate and she can never be 'Freckles' and wouldn't that be a good thing because who wants to be Kate the Mega Whore anyway?

I should sound angry but I already had my rant. Now I'm in that placid state of nothingness that comes with knowing you have to wait another dozen months or so before you find out if Jacob lived or which Locke is the real one. I'm more confused now that at any other time in the series and I have to wait so long for my answers I'm probably going to start pulling out my hair and crying when I finally come to terms with everything. And I've already had my fair share of crying along with Juliette telling Sawyer "I love you so much" and him yelling at her not to let go.

But alas and woe and all those other things. 2010; where are you?